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Design • Planting • Maintenance

Garden Design
About our designs:

  • Strong emphasis on plants as the major attractions in a garden, rather than built features and hardscape.
  • We recommend (where appropriate) native plants that thrive with minimal to no irrigation or fertilizer.
  • A naturalistic approach to plant placement, soil grading, and path / border shaping.
  • We conduct in-depth interviews & conversations to learn and balance the many factors that must be considered in a good garden's design.

Garden Planting and Installation
As a state-licensed contractor we have technical knowledge and authorization to specify hardscape (stonework, carpentry, water features, electrical and irrigation systems) in your garden or landscape design.

However, with a few exceptions,
we do not directly perform major hardscape installs at this time. We are happy to collaborate with a third-party contractor of your choosing (or one we may recommend) if you wish.

We offer planting services throughout the year.

Regular Garden Maintenance

We custom-tailor our maintenance services for every garden. We'll provide the level of care that suits your budget, as often as every week or just once a quarter, depending on your specific garden needs.

To protect local air-quality and reduce noise levels, we use manual or electric-powered tools whenever possible.

Services we do not currently offer:
  • Pest control (birds, gophers, insects.)
  • Major hardscape (patios, decks, retaining walls)
  • Removal of tree branches larger than 2-inch diameter or more than 16' off the ground.
  • Indoor or greenhouse plant care.