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Garden Design

We specialize in sustainable, low-maintenance gardens with long-term beauty and durability.

Read more about our garden design process below. Click on an image to download a PDF.
Steps in the Design Process
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1 - Initial Discussion & Interview (1-2 hours)
• Considering your needs and wishes for a garden or landscape design.
• Optional in-depth written questionnaire.
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2 - Site Measurements & Blank Template Scale Drawing (2-3 hours)
• Site visit to take accurate measurements of the existing space.
• Blank template scale drawing of existing space. You'll receive copies on which you may do your own sketches if you wish.
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3 - Rough Concept Drawing(s) (About 1 hour per drawing)

• One or more rough sketches to explore different ideas for using space in your garden or landscape.
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4 - Final Design Plan, Plant List, & Install Specs (5 to 7 hours average, depending on size & complexity.)
• Final drawing with exact layout of plants, paths, borders, irrigation (if needed,) and soil contouring. Complete plant list ready for ordering from a local nursery.
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5 - Site Work & Planting
• Physical landscape work to implement the final design. This can be done all at once or divided into phases over a period of months to years.
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6 - Allowing time for growth
• It takes on average 2 to 3 years for new garden additions to grow in and size up.
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7 - Garden fully established, time to enjoy and maintain.